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Seems we've all heard February touted as National Heart Month, and October celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but how many people know that April is National Volunteer Month?

While heart disease and breast cancer are worthy causes and deserve recognition, it's equally important that we take time to honor the people who selflessly devote themselves to bettering their communities.

With that in mind, we dedicate this issue to volunteers, especially those who are part of our EMC family. It's particularly appropriate that we do this -- not only because there are so many shining examples, but also because giving back to their communities is one of the guiding principles of Georgia's electric membership corporations.

To find out more about just a few of the many EMC employees who give of themselves to help others, turn to page 16. It's our hope that by telling their stories, we'll not only raise awareness of National Volunteer Month, but encourage others to follow their example as well.

Also in this issue, we'll take a look at another volunteer effort, but one with an historic angle. Old Clinton War Days was organized in 1974 by a group of civic-minded residents, determined to preserve the architectural legacy of their town.

Today, the entire town of Clinton is a historic district, and the Civil War re-enactment that's the focal point of this event is truly a piece of living history. See page 20 for more on the effort and people involved in creating this trip back in time.

Finally, if you're suffering from spring fever,we have your cure -- see pages 10-13 for our Calendar and Spring Festival Guide to plan a fun Georgia outing. Or, if you'd like to venture farther afield, see page 30 for events in the coming months both here and around the region.


Laurel George

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Musician Aaron Bradford of Company F, 51st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, portrays a member of Union Gen. William T. Sherman's army prior to the re-enactment of the Battle of Sunshine Church during Old Clinton War Days. (Photo by Greg Mullis.)

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