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Electric membership cooperatives (EMCs) across Georgia know that our young people are the future leaders of society. Among various youth groups, the co-ops promote educational growth, sportsmanlike conduct and an understanding of our electric industry. Each June, the EMC-sponsored Washington Youth Tour sends 100-plus high school delegates from Georgia to Washington, D.C.; EMCs send young couples to the Cooperative Council's Co-op Education Conference for Couples (see page 16); and the state's co-ops sponsor many 4-H and FFA programs.

So it's easy to support the new Georgia Center for Civic Engagement. Launched last year by the State YMCA of Georgia, the program increases civics knowledge among students with hands-on programs. It's an appropriate extension of what the State YMCA has been providing for 70 years -- the Georgia Youth Assembly. The late November event imparts the importance of being an active, voting citizen in its mock sessions of the Georgia General Assembly. See "Students gaining their voice," page 26, for more.

Co-ops also support our country and honor our military, raising funds through efforts such as the Wounded Warrior Project and Sept. 11 tributes. Check out our Snapshot page, "Armed forces personnel," page 46, for a chance to see some Georgians in "action."

Finally, find out "What the South is all about," page 30, for our annual review of some "bold, diverse and tasty" Georgia products!


Ann Orowski

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Each year in late November, high school students take over the Georgia General Assembly chambers to hold mock legislative sessions. Presiding over last year's Assembly were Associate Justice Kylie Prevatt and Chief Justice Ben McMichael, both of Morgan County High School. (Photo courtesy of State YMCA of Georgia.)

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